Learn how to use the service

Text2Telephone gives you the ability to send a text message as a voice call anywhere in the world in just two simple steps.

Besides, you can add effects of all kinds, which are really humans sounds like laughing , crying, etc. Also, you can add songs and much sounds like. Christmas greeting. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary. . etc. You can send the messages you want in two simple steps:. 

STEP 1:. Create Message
You write the message you want to send, add effects and you can schedule the delivery of the message 
STEP 2: Make payment through PayPal. Just follow the steps of the PayPal Payment System.

 Languages: You can use these for the moment the service in three languages​​:. English, Spanish and Portuguese 
Indicate this by choosing the correct voice

The System does not produce a translation of messages

 You can start  now using Text2Telephone Service and surprise your friends 
 Thank you very much!

Never been easier to convert  a text to speech

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